What is

Infrastructure as Code

Structura.IO simplifies network infrastructure orchestration utilizing a GUI interfaced Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform that provides a means of design and testing the infrastructure’s integrity eliminating costly corrections and project delays. site icon


The power to manage complex resources and environments with drop & drag ease.

GUI Interface

Configure with drag and drop building and configuration. In addition, visually see relationships within the infastructure - in a way you cannot do with code, providing deeper understanding and insights.

Automatic Code Generation

Generate flawless code automatically so that your team can focus on the infrastructure and design.

Staging and Version Control

Custom projects files are saved and staged.

Custom projects files are saved and staged. The integrated GIT panel manages version control.

Manage Any Infastructure

Manage networks, security, automation, and more. Whether F5, Checkpoint, Azure, AWS, GCP, Cisco or Palo Alto manage security policy and network devices with visually ease within Structura.

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Benefits of

The power to manage complex resources and environments with drop & drag ease.

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Common Challenges
  • Manual Provisioning
  • Multiple Cloud Provider Consoles
  • Device Specific Management Platform
  • Limited set of Resources
  • Learning IaC such as Terraform
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Structura the Solution
  • GUI Infrastructure as Code
  • Cloud and Device Agnostic
  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Eliminate learning Terraform
  • Diagnose before you deploy
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  • Multi-Platform integration
  • Decrease Project timelines
  • Reduce Human Error 
  • Extensible Architecture
  • Predefined Resources 
  • Predefined Modules infrastructure as code

How we work for you

Solutions to Empower Teams

Define Infrastructure in the GUI as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to increase team productivity, simplify the development of infrastructure and provide a means of testing the infrastructureintegrity thereby avoiding pricey corrections and decreasing the time and costs of development.

Platform Integrations

Deploy into existing workflows, implementing seamlessly across the tools and services you already use.  

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